Priston Tale 2

Yedang Online (Freeware)

Priston Tale 2 is a 3D action and fantasy MMORPG. In this game, players can participate in several activities such as buying and selling items, and joining clans. Trading is necessary so players can acquire the money and equipment they need. Players can join clans once they reach level 40. Players move up levels by achieving milestones set by the game and by earning skill points. As they progress, players will also get items such as armor and weapons to help them become warriors.

There are eight character classes to choose from in the game and each class has a four-tiered skill system. The other aspects of gameplay are climbing, training, socializing, hunting, and player versus player. Players can level up by killing several monsters at one time, or defeating individual monsters within a short span of time. Players can also hunt for certain items and compete against other players. Socializing can be done to obtain friends, weapons, and other valuable items in the game.

Players can see the status of their characters through the character status bars that show the level, class, character name, mana points, health points, mortal gauge and tokens, experience bar, and the experience progress of the character towards the next level. A mini map shows the character’s location as well as the surrounding areas in the game world.