Prisoner Of War

Wide Games Ltd. (Proprietary)

Prisoner of War is a stealth game developed by the company, Wide Games and published by Codemasters. The game’s plot follows the story of Captain Lewis Stone, who is a flight jockey who gets shot down and loses his co-pilot while undertaking a surveillance mission over the German camp. While he was able to escape death, he is captured by enemies and taken to a holding camp for safekeeping. He interacts with fellow prisoners in the camp and helps them do certain tasks in exchange for assistance with his escape plan. Some of the favors his gives to them include getting money, cigarettes, and candy, which he trades with the other prisoners for camouflage materials. He manages to escape but is eventually recaptured by General Stahl. Captain Stone escapes and gets caught several times in the game, during which he encounters more characters and goes on numerous missions for the Allied forces.

One of the most distinctive features of this game is its focus on patience, deception, and stealth rather than violence. The player, who assumes the role of Captain Stone, is provided with a wide array of items and tools to use around the prison camps including currency, crowbars, and keys. The currency used in the game can be spent to buy information and other important items. Captain Stone owns a journal, in which the player can use to store lists of goals and maps.