Prison Tycoon - Alcatraz 2010

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Prison Tycoon – Alcatraz is a game in which players take on the role of a prison warden of the Alcatraz, one of the most popular prisons in the world. In this game, players must make sure the prison is always in order by managing both human and financial resources well, and by making sure that the prisoners are kept in line. There are numerous challenges in maintaining the prison, including disease and gang wars. Furthermore, this game challenges players to:

• Create a fully-functioning prison. Players start with a low-security facility and must build it up to become a maximum security prison, complete with strong walls, housing for staff, medical facilities, workout areas, and dining halls.
• Manage finances. Most of the money used to build the prison with given by the state. Other sources of income are charitable institutions. Factors such as inmate rehabilitation and the happiness of the staff can also contribute to getting more funding.
• Manage staff and prisoners. Players can see the level of satisfaction, productivity, and other details of staff and prisoners by clicking them. Players can assign prisoners to tasks such as cleaning and cooking to make them productive.

Prison Tycoon – Alcatraz has two game modes: free-play mode and challenge mode. In free-play, players start from scratch, while in challenge mode, a basic prison layout is already constructed and players have to address particular problems.