Prison Break

ZootFly (Proprietary)

Prison Break: The Conspiracy is an adventure stealth game developed by ZootFly and published by Deep Silver. The game’s plot is an adaptation of the popular TV series entitled “Prison Break”, specifically its first season. The player assumes the role of Agent Tom Paxton, who is tasked to be an undercover death row inmate at the Fox River State Penitentiary. His agency named “The Company” wishes to make certain that the innocent inmate Lincoln Burrows really goes through the death sentence. In addition, Paxton must find out the real reason why Burrows’ brother, Michael Scofield has joined him in prison. The game consists of nine chapters, which feature actual parts of the television series.

To gather information, the player must run errands and do favors for the other inmates. Numerous missions involving stealth and action require the player to find various items that are needed to accomplish other tasks. The player must be able to get past the numerous guards scattered all over the prison premises without being noticed. To elude surveillance cameras, the player must simply click them from the bottom to tilt them upward. Prison Break: The Conspiracy also offers mini-games that come in the form of bag-punching and weight lifting exercise routines as well as underground fights.