Prism 5 Installer

GraphPad Software (Shareware)

GraphPad’s Prism Installer launches a data management program that utilizes nonlinear regression or curve fitting and scientific graphs to present understandable statistics. This program was originally developed by experimental scientists working in pharmaceutical companies and teaching in medical institutions. Although it was initially in widespread use in the pharmacological sector of the academe and global industry, it is now commonly utilized as a research and study tool by physical and social science experts.

Prism’s main tool in data analysis is nonlinear regression. The complexity of this tool is mitigated by the program as it fits curves into one step. The user only has to choose an equation from a database of popular ones or enter an equation of the user’s choice. Afterwards, the program automatically fits a curve, shows a table of results, illustrates said curve on a graph, and calculates values. The program fits data sets simultaneously when the user places information sets together. A single model can be fitted to each set. The user can also use nonlinear regression to impose parameter values on the data sets involved, or use different models on separate data sets. It can also calculate values from standard curves automatically, determine outliers, and check residuals, among other data.