priPrinter Professional

Pelikan Software Kft. (Shareware)

priPrinter Professional is a printing utility developed by Pelikan Software Kft. It is used for previewing print jobs, re-arranging jobs/pages, and correcting printing mistakes on the fly. The program supports image, poster, and booklet printing. With the use of the mouse, users can adjust gutters and margins using the program. It can also be used for cutting, cropping, and removing blank spaces on a document being printed. Saving frequently used settings and layouts as themes is possible as well.

The program provides the following features and functions:

• Watermarks – Users can create notes, page numbers, watermarks, and callouts using the program. It supports various fonts, colors, sizes, as well as macros. Users can also store the watermark to be used later on.
• PDF Publishing – priPrinter Professional provides users the ability to publish documents to Adobe PDF files while preserving the cropping, layout, and other settings.
• Review and Corrections – Correcting and reviewing the files to be printed is possible as well. It offers tools for highlighting texts, blacking out sensitive details, correcting errors, and more.
• Print History and Full Search Function – All the printed documents are stored in the history window, which can be viewed later on. It also provides a full history search for finding pages.
• Automation and Scripting – Automating the workflow is possible with priPrinter. The program also features Scripting for creating buttons.