Pelikan Software Kft. (Shareware)

priPrinter is a virtual printer and print previewer program developed by Pelikan Software Kft. It can be used for re-arranging printing jobs and pages, previewing print jobs, and correcting printing errors. The application can be used on booklets, images, and poster printing. It can also handle and change multiple and large print jobs. For instance, the program is capable of merging several page documents onto a single paper.

priPrinter provides the following features and functions:

• Print Preview – The program’s print preview function can work on both full screen and 3D modes. It utilizes a rendering engine, which allows the application to get rid of jagged edges of certain graphics. The Print Preview function also features rulers, zoom and pan, loupe and measurements, and searching functions.
• Posters and Booklets Creation – The program can be used to create posters and booklets when printing documents.
• Page Layout – Users can specify the source page numbers to appear on a certain page. The program automatically generates the layout automatically. It also features manual and automatic page scaling, adjustable gutters and margins, themes, and adjustable page positions. Users can also cut and crop the document before printing them.
• Printing and Watermarks – The program’s printing functions features auto duplex mode, manual duplex mode, and ink saving mode. It also offers brightness and contrast controls. Users may also create watermarks, page numbers, callouts, and notes.

Aside from these main functions, priPrinter can also publish documents as PDF files. It also offers reviewing and correction features as well as print history and full history search.