PrintSuperVision 4

Oki Data Americas, Inc. (Freeware)

PrintSuperVision is an application that was developed by OKI Data Americas, Inc. to monitor the user’s OKI and non-OKI devices from any web browser on the network. In addition, this utility can also monitor OKI devices that are connected to desktop and laptop computers using the program’s PrintSuperVision agent.

This program offers companies and organizations an efficient way to manage copiers and printers. The application provides an efficient, all-in-one print management system. Print management includes monitoring equipment acquisition and use, as well as assessing device and supply statuses so IT managers can prepare order forms in advance for new supplies and replacement units if needed. The application can send email alerts and it also capable of helping users order supplies online. By having one application to manage all devices, organizations will be able to boost productivity because their staff can focus on doing tasks without interruptions, such as running out of ink.

This program features an accounting module that is able to track the number of pages printed per department or workstation. This will give managers data about printer usage so they can take this into consideration when creating budget allocations for print services. Printing services business owners will also be able to see how many pages a customer has printed so they can charge accordingly.