PrintFolder 1.3 (32-bit)

No Nonsense Software (Freeware)

PrintFolder is a simple utility that allows users to print lists of files and contents of folders. These print outs can be used as reference later on. Using the application is easy and it can be used by novice computer users. Printing can be done from the main window of the application, or a folder can also be right clicked to open its contents on the application.

PrintFolder’s user interface has two tabs – General and Options. Under the General tab, users can view the list of files in a particular folder. There are checkboxes on the upper portion of the window. These checkboxes allow users to choose information to be included on the list. The four categories are date, time, size, and subfolders. Command buttons, such as open, save, and print are also displayed on the upper portion of the window. Under the Options window, users can change the appearance of the log file. Some of the options that can be changed are the text’s font size, left margin’s size, and the maximum file length. Users can also include or exclude system files and hidden files and invert the colors of the text. Lastly, there is an option to display all names in the file in lowercase.