ZEDOnet GmbH (Shareware)

PrintFab is a printer driver. This application is developed by ZEDOnet GmbH for advanced users, photographers, fine art printers, and desktop publishing. As an advanced printing solution it is able to produce well-balanced outputs with natural colors. Users can also adjust the contrast, brightness, and other image settings prior to printing. This application’s dynamic color profiles provide users with full control over color mixture to come up with brilliant, color-accurate prints, which is crucial when dealing with fine art prints. Furthermore, this application has support for high-quality photo paper from popular manufacturers, such as Ilford and Kodak.

This application can also be used in the home, office, or other establishment dealing with production printing. The key function of PrintFab in this area is its inksave feature, which ensures quality printouts but with minimal ink use. This intelligent ink system is able to save up to fifty percent of ink without sacrificing image quality. There are four versions of this application, each specifically designed for its target user. There are two editions for advanced home users and amateur photographers, and two editions for professionals and pre-press business use. The Pro editions come with a CMYK proof mode, which enables users to print CMYK Postscript and PDF documents as well. These also come with larger print formats for bigger printers.