Printer Installation Wizard

Zebra Technologies International, LLC (Proprietary)

Printer Installation Wizard is a program created by the company Zebra Technologies International, LLC. This company has developed and released various types of printers including those that print cards, wristbands, and tickets. Along with a installation CD, this application is included in a set of software programs that comes with every purchase of a Zebra printing machine.

When it comes to Zebra brand printers, they will only function with the correct driver as provided with the device when purchased. The installation disk that comes with each printer is equipped with a specific driver that, when installed, will allow the user to link the printer with a particular computer system. This particular installation disk is programmed to carry Zebra’s own developed Printer Installation Wizard that guides the user through the entire course of the installation.

This piece of software provides different options for the user during the installation process. It provides an option to install the drivers manually or push through with the custom installation. When drivers are manually installed, the user has the ability to choose which particular programs are installed into the computer system. When the custom option is chosen, the wizard will automatically install all components of the driver into the system. The user can choose to remove particular components later on if desired.