Print2CAD 2012

Kazmierczak Software GmbH (Shareware)

Print2CAD 2012 is an all-inclusive conversion program. The output files can be imported to and edited with any CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system. CAD makes use of computer systems that help create, modify, analyze, or optimize a design. A stand-alone program, Print2CAD functions independently without the aid of any CAD or AutoCAD system. Lines, arcs, surfaces, text, images, and other items and objects in pixels can be converted into DWG (DraWinG) or DXF (Drawing Exchange Format). Line widths and line types in PDF can become properties of CAD. PDF colors can be converted into CAD-indexed colors or full RGB colors.

The following features, among others, are available:

• PDF file into DWG or DXF file conversion and vice-versa
• PDF files into TIFF or JPEG conversion
• HPGL, DWF, TIFF, and JPEG to CAD DWG or DXF conversion
• Integrated DXF and DWG viewer
• Integrated DWF, PDF, HPGL, PCL, EPS (PostScript), SVG, and TIFF viewer

Using the simple and intuitive interface, items can be imported into the file queue with the file browser. Through its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, the content of a PDF or raster file can be reconstructed. PDF texts that have been deconstructed into fields of multiple lines and pixels can be recognized as complete and editable CAD texts.