Print Workman

Bear Computing Co. (Proprietary)

Print Workman is a file extension created and developed by the company, Bear Computing Co. It can be used to open various file types and is executable under the Windows platform. This is a particular file extension that enables the computer system to function with a variety of external printing devices. It is an important element that makes it possible for specific printers to be linked with their corresponding computer systems. The extension comes installed with certain versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

The Print Workman application provides Windows powered computer systems with the necessary support required by different types of printers. It carries more advanced models and allows computer users to connect USB-powered or Bluetooth printers to their computers without the need for any other form of external installation hardware like installation disks and similar devices. It is responsible for automatically reading printing devices once these are connected to a computer. Through this software application, most Windows powered computers no longer need printer driver installations for the external devices to function properly with the system. The built-in extension acts as a universal hardware driver that functions with most printers available in the market.