Print Screen Deluxe

American Systems (Shareware)

Print Screen Deluxe is a screen capture application that enables users to grab pictures of the desktop in different ways. It has a simple and intuitive interface that is ideal for any user. With this application, users can capture the entire desktop window, a program’s window, text, images, or a scrolling window. It also supports capturing of images from two or more monitors. The program supports hotkeys, allowing users to capture images with just a press on the keyboard. More of the program’s key features are listed below:

• Support for capturing videos of the desktop activity that can be saved as an AVI video file
• Users can email screenshots captured with the application
• Has editing feature for adding captions, highlighting, and text to images captured
• Support for capturing images in different shapes including triangle, square, rectangle, circle, and others
• Support for time delay capturing of the desktop window

The application’s interface consists of command buttons and menus that are located at the upper portion of the window. There is also an editing window that displays different tools at the upper and left part. These buttons are used for adding text, arrows, and shapes, resizing the image, cropping it, or adding other elements. Print Screen Deluxe can be set to automatically check for the latest program updates.