Princess Isabella 2

Gogii Games (Shareware)

Princess Isabella 2 is a hidden object adventure game. Subtitled Return of the Curse, the game is the second part of Princess Isabella’s story in which she seeks to defeat an evil witch. The game is set a year after Isabella’s kingdom saw the last of the witch. This time, the witch has kidnapped Isabella’s baby. Not only that, she also cast an evil spell over Isabella’s kingdom. It is up to Princess Isabella to save her townspeople and her child from the clutches of the witch.

Players are tasked to help Princess Isabella save her kingdom and her child. Players are taken to different locations to explore more than 130 haunting scenes, including the challenging Witch’s Lair. Along the way, they will be able to meet Helpers with extraordinary abilities who can help them advance through the game’s levels. Players can access the list of tasks to accomplish by clicking the Tasks window located at the bottom left corner of the game screen. The bottom right corner contains the Journal, which players can read to review the storyline and important accomplishments. The game lists the items that need to be found in a particular scene, and provides players with unlimited rechargeable hints about the objects’ locations. Players should also find gems of different colors in the hidden object scenes that would help them defeat the evil witch.