Prince Of Qin

Object Software (Proprietary)

Prince of Qin is an adventure role-playing game developed by the company, Object Software. The plot takes place in ancient China, specifically the latter part of the Qin Dynasty. The story consists of 13 chapters, each of which comes with a main objective that the player must be able to fulfill in order to advance to the next stage. Apart from these goals, there are extra missions found in random chapters that the player must also complete. The player assumes the role of Fu Su, an exiled prince investigating an imperial decree ordering him to commit suicide, which was allegedly signed by his father. He defies the order and instead, flees the kingdom to find out who is behind the possible foul play. He hides under the guise of a commoner and interacts with various individuals, who eventually become wither his allies or enemies.

At the beginning of Fu Su’s quest for the truth, the player is equipped with sub-par weapons and zero experience points. In order to gain experience early on in the game, the player must kill some animals around the area. This will enable the player to upgrade his/her skills in preparation for more challenging battles against Fu Su’s real enemies. Fu Su’s character can be modified into any of the five classes featured in this game: assassin, muscle man, paladin, witch, and wizard.