Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time

Ubisoft (Shareware)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Is an action adventure video game that was first released in 2003. The game’s main focus is combat and exploration. Players assume the role of The Prince who must bring back peace to the kingdom. The Prince’s agility and acrobatic techniques are used to explore levels in the game. The character can run across walls, jump in between two walls, and do time leaps. There are missions to complete in the game, as well as puzzles that must be solved to progress through the storyline.

One of the main elements in the game is the Dagger of Time, which consists of charges from the Sands of Time. The Prince uses the Dagger of Time to travel up to ten seconds in the past. This can be useful when battling enemies. The dagger’s power diminishes when it is used, but players can gather sand by defeating enemies. Sand left by the enemies can be picked up to replenish the power of the dagger.

The other characters in the game are:
• Farah – An Indian Princess who helps the Prince of Persia through his adventures
• Vizier – A government minister who wants to overthrow the sultan and claim the princess
• Sharaman – Father of The Prince and the King of Persia who is a respected leader