Nitro PDF (Shareware)

Primo PDF is an application that allows users to create PDF files with documents from Microsoft Windows. The application features a one-click PDF creation. Users can also drag and drop a file to the program’s icon for quick and easy conversion to PDF. When adding a file to the program, users can click on the Drop Files icon. This opens a new window containing options and settings for the conversion of the file. One of the features of the Primo PDF application is PDF Security. This tool enables users to set a password for the PDF file to prevent unauthorized users from reading or editing the file.

Primo PDF is capable of converting PDF files in formats that are compatible for different displays including eBooks, printing, and many more. Users can save PDF creation profiles for easy creation of PDF files that with the same settings. After converting the PDF file, the user has three options – Email PDF, Open PDF, and Do Nothing. PDF versions can also be done as several instances of the file can be saved each time a change in the document is made.

With Primo PDF, users can input document properties on the information fields, such as the author, subject, keywords, and title.