Primo Ramdisk Ultimate Edition

Romex Software (Proprietary)

Primo Ramdisk Ultimate Edition is a RAM disk emulator. The program enables users to emulate virtual drive using the physical memory. This allows for a faster connection and accessing speed as the physical memory is more readily accessible than any other kind of storage option. The program can overcome hard disk bottleneck issues, thereby further speeding up the computer’s processing capability.

Primo Ramdisk Ultimate Edition provides support for up to 128 virtual disks simultaneously. Each virtual disk is recognized as a separate drive, similar to how the computer treats physical drives. As disks, users may add files, delete files, and format the disk, as they would a physical hard drive.  

Primo Ramdisk Ultimate Edition features are divided into four main types—Disk, Memory, File System, and Image File. Disk features include support for different types of disks including one-time virtual disks, SCSI disks, Direct IO disks, ramdisks,  file disks, and hybrid disks. Memory features consist of support for DMM or Dynamic Memory Management and UIMMI or Unified Invisible Memory Management Interface. File System features allow users to define the file system type, cluster size, serial number, drive letter, and volume label. When set in NTFS file system, users may configure compression, permissions, and indexing settings. Image File enables users to view different image file formats including Plain, Smart, and Compressed image file types.