Primo Ramdisk Professional Edition

Romex Software (Shareware)

Primo Ramdisk Professional is an application used to increase a computer’s speed by tackling problematic hard disk issues. Hard disks can be simulated through the use of the computer’s physical memory which is available. File access time is reduced and improves a computer’s performance. 128 kinds of virtual disks are supported. Apart from ram disks, file-disks and hybrid-disks can also be used with the program to extend its functionalities.

Physical memory’s access speed tends to be quicker than other types of storage. Virtual disks may be identified as logical disks or physical hard disks. They may be formatted using file systems which are Windows supported. Settings for file systems can also be customized by users. The program is able to restore and save ram disk contents from and to image files. Ram disk contents are then maintained whenever a computer is restarted even when the physical memory is volatile. System memory can be released or allocated for ram disks which is better able to utilize a computer’s memory. Invisible Memory can also be used to generate ram disks. System memory limits imposed by Windows is overcome allowing for full utilization of physical memory which is installed. Other program features include mini tools integration for virtual disk utilization, paging files support, multilingual interface, disk rebuilding via new settings, image file formats support, and Delay Load and Quick Save modes support, among others.