PreziDesktop3 4.4.0

Prezi (Proprietary)

PreziDesktop 3 is an offline version of the Prezi application. The Prezi software allows users to create creative and engaging presentations which allow zooming in and out. Unlike Microsoft Powerpoint where users normally click to move from one slide to the next or set timings for transition and other effects, this software allows the users to create more focus on more important things with the zooming in and out function. It does not have slides where users put the topics in order, but instead has a blank paper where the characters, movies, songs, and images can be inserted on different orders, sizes, and colors.

PreziDesktop 3 is an offline application which means that the user will be able to make Prezis using the same functions as what the online application has. As for sharing, any Prezis made using this application can be uploaded on, saved to a USB disk, or shared to friends via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Prezis can be presented in a way that the user click on the specific area or character to be focused on or it can be set to play at definite delay timing, in which case it will look like a movie. The icons seen on the user interface are intuitive of their functions so a user who has previous experience working on Windows application will not have a problem navigating it.