Human Head Studios (Proprietary)

The videogame Prey is developed by a gaming company called Human Head Studios. 2K Games published it for the XBOX 360 platform in 2006. Prey is a first-person shooter game. The game employs the use of a modified version of the gaming engine id Tech 4. id Tech 4, otherwise known as Doom engine, is a game rendering program developed by id software. The game has online support and can accommodate eight players.

The players will control a character named Tommy. Tommy must find a way to save Jenny, his girlfriend. His grandfather who is also trapped with his girlfriend must be saved. To do this, he must fight his way through hordes of aliens guarding The Sphere.

Tommy is given a wide range of melee and long range weapons. These weapons are of alien origin. There is also the spirit bow, the weapon that Tommy must collect as he navigates his way around the ship. The game is portal enabled. With the help of the portal, Tommy can steer himself into the deeper parts of the ship. The portal can also transport bullets. Players can use the portals to kill enemies who are on the other side of the force field or the walls of the ship. Tommy also gains a special ability in the game. With the help of the spirit walk, he can pass through force fields and walls of the ship.

Prey is available in two modes: death match and team death match.