Pretty Barbie Dress Up (Freeware)

Pretty Barbie Dress Up is a fun, virtual game for Barbie followers and fashion enthusiasts. It is a typical dress up computer game, but it is especially exciting for Barbie fans since it showcases the brand’s trademark fashion and style. Anyone with an Internet connection can play this virtual dress-up game.

One of the highlights of this game is the exclusive fashion collection that won’t be seen in any other game of the same genre. The newest version of the game features a new model, and the word out on the street is that she is so much prettier than the previous one.

Pretty Barbie Dress Up is for young girls of any age who can control the mouse. It is quite easy to play given the available drag and drop functions. Items are readily accessible. Clothes of different categories can be clicked on, dragged a short distance and tried on.

This game is specifically intended to be played by young girls who aspire to become fashion designers someday. If provides ample opportunities for players to put together contemporary attires for gorgeous Barbie. In this game, the sky is the limit and the player is free to try out new things and create her own fashion concepts. Defining one’s fashion style is very much allowed in this game.