Presto! ImageFolio 4.50.05

NewSoft Technology Corporation (Shareware)

Presto! Imagefolio is a program that enables users to manage and process their digital image files. This program is used in editing images, managing image-capturing devices, and preparing image files for printing. Presto! Imagefolio provides basic editing tools used to enhance the quality of the user’s images. Users may adjust the overall image quality, contrast, brightness, sharpness, tone, and texture. This program also adds special enhancements by its tools that apply filters and special effects to photos. Aside from image editing functions, Presto! Imagefolio also works as a converter by its features that enable users to convert their image files into various formats such as PCX, TIF, TGA, BMP, JPEG, WMF, PSD, and PNG. This program also supports tools and settings linked to image capturing devices such as a web camera, scanner, copier, and fax machine. Users may directly import and edit images from these devices and save them in their hard drive. Another function of Presto! Imagefolio is preparing image files for printing. With this program, users may change the layout, number of print pages, paper size, margins, and color mode. Presto! Imagefolio may also be linked to a local printer to allow users to edit their images before printing them.

Presto! Imagefolio features a user interface that has three main control parts. the first part is the tool and control bars located along the sides of the program window. this section contains buttons that execute actions within the program, and tools used in editing and enhancing the image. The next part is the display area where the image can be viewed and edited. Users may open multiple images at a time and minimize them into smaller windows. Another part is the layers window where users may view the different image layers of their current image project.