Presto! Forms

NewSoft (Shareware)

Presto! Forms is a program used to edit and scan pre-edited forms. Lines’ existence, and checkboxes’ and fields’ beginnings are automatically detected by the program’s recognition engine. Any form can be scanned and filled in, every field can be edited, printed out, or faxed. It is helpful in filling out forms used in real estate, medicine and health care, tax and insurance, and the government.

Stamp impressions, sticky notes, and lines may be incorporated into files. Various page forms can all be contained in a single file. A number of file pages can be opened and maintained separate while being worked on. Completed forms, bank forms, and specified text can all be printed out on original forms. File formats which can be read by the program include PCX, BMP, TIF, and PFS. Field recognition given various forms, and converting recognized fields into entries that can be edited are capabilities of the program. Files from CDs and hard disks can also be extracted. PDF files may also be created by putting together pages from various image files. Font color and size, as well as interlining and character spacing can all be customized by users. Filled-in documents can be annotated, faxed, managed, and edited after being scanned by Presto! Forms.

The program has already been incorporated into the Presto Danching program.