Presto! Digital Converter

NewSoft Technology Corporation (Proprietary)

The Presto! Digital Converter application assists users in converting videos recorded on tape into DVD format. It is designed to help users avoid losing videos due to the degradation of video tapes. It requires the use of hardware components such as a USB 2.0 connector, composite video input, audio L/R input, and S-video input. The program package already comes with a USB 2.0 A/V digital converter. This application supports many videotape formats, including Betamax, Hi8, and VHS; it also has support for DVD formats such as DVD-Video and DVD+VR to enable users to create discs that can be played in standard DVD players.

This application has two operation modes: Record Mode and Convert Mode. In the Convert Mode, the entire video tape is converted into DVD format, while in Record Mode, users can record two or more video segments from the tape to DVD. In Record mode, users can select the parts that need to be recorded using the pause and record options so that they can remove the parts of the video they want to be omitted from the final output.

Users can adjust the setting options that include the Audio type, Video Source, DVD Recorder List, Video Quality, Temporary Folder, TV System, and Timer Setting.