Corel Corporation (Proprietary)

Presentations is an application for making presentations. The program is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. The program comes bundled in Corel’s WordPerfect Office suite. The program’s main windows consists of a standard toolbar that provides easy access to the basic tasks and commands that are used in creating presentations. There is also a property toolbar where users can change the text properties (font, size, bold, underline, italicized, etc). The tool palette contains a set of tools for adding different elements to the presentation. These include shapes, arrows, lines, banners, etc.

The slideshow tabs allow users to switch between slides to add content. The order of the slides can also be rearranged simply by dragging them and dropping them to a new position. Transitions between slides can also be added. The transition settings can be set, too (direction, speed, and the effect). In addition to creating slideshow presentations, users can also create multimedia presentations. With multimedia presentations, users can:

• Add WAVE and MIDI files to a slide
• Add music to a slideshow presentation
• Insert an animated GIF image to a slide
• Play slide show automatically
• Apply sounds to a bullet list

Users can view online tutorials for using the application on the program’s website.