Premium Booster

Elcor Software (Shareware)

Premium Booster is an application used to optimize a computer system’s performance by cleaning a computer system’s registry, and filtering out malware. The program was designed to make computer systems more stable and speed up a system’s performance.

The application’s main window lists program functions and options. A program menu provides customizations that may be done using the program, like process management that starts with Windows, and protection against malwares. Registry cleaning’s purpose is to remove outdated and erroneous entries. Registry cleaning involves removal of invalid entries, duplicates, checking startup processes, and defragmenting. Defragmentation renders a registry to have a linear structure. Defragmentation requires computer reboot and present registry situation prior to and after defragmentation operation. System optimization can also be done with a single click optimization feature. The latter scans the registry for errors, fixes registry errors, performs registry backup, and ends with fixed registry defragmentation. Quick Start’s window displays the aforementioned processes. A System Resource facility may be accessed through the Backup tab. The said facility has the ability to restore one’s computer system to a prior state in case of undesirable events. Backup configuration options include maximum allowable space for restore points, restore point lifespan, (90 days is the program’s default) and automatic system checkpoint time specification.