Predator Virtual CNC

Predator-Software (Shareware)

Predator Virtual CNC is an application that is designed to simulate and verify the operation of computer numerical control or CNC machines. CNC machining is used in manufacturing and involves the use of computers to control the tools used in machining. Simulating the process of machining enables users to improve productivity by saving time, broken tools, machine crashes, scrapped parts, and other errors in the manufacturing process. By helping users resolve errors offline, this application helps reduce the risk of machines breaking down due to faulty operations, making these last longer and function more reliably.

Predator Virtual CNC helps users simplify the setup of their CNC machines, reduce tooling costs, and minimize waste on the shop floor. It is also able to certify surface finishes as well as feature dimensions. Its other features include the following:

• Support for micro machining
• Multiple fixtures, parts, processes, and tombstones
• Advanced tooling
• Support for more than 150 CNC machines
• Part inspection before the machining process

This application also has support for 2-, 3-, 2-, and 5-Axis CNC machines, routers, lasers, lathes, and water jets. It can handle standard horizontal, vertical, and complex machine configurations. Users can define the machine tool configurations as necessary. It also provides users with a comprehensive library of reverse post processors.