Yuval Naveh (Open Source)

PracticeSharp, or Practice#, is an application designed to help users practice a musical instrument. This tool is able to play back audio files while letting the user indicate the desired pitch and tempo, which makes it ideal for music practice. The program interface is simple, with intuitive controls. All of the functions are shown on the main interface. This tool has keyboard shortcuts for easy access to the controls. In addition to these, the following are also part of PracticeSharp’s features:

• Speed change - Users can slow down a part of the accompaniment music until the part is perfected, and the tempo can be readjusted back to the normal speed. In addition, this feature can also be used as an audio player for podcasts and similar material where it is important for the user to hear every word clearly.  
• Pitch change – The pitch can be adjusted without affecting the tempo.
• Audio playback – This application can play audio in a variety of audio formats, including WMA, MP3, and WAV.
• Loops – Users can set the cue when a particular loop is to start, to allow users to get their hands back into position on their instruments.

PracticeSharp also lets users create presets for music practice, so the music settings need not be adjusted from time to time.