Beijing Kingsoft Corporation Limited. (Proprietary)

Available in CD-ROM formatting is the PowerWord 2009 program. It was developed by a Chinese education technology company called Beijing Kingsoft Corporation Limited. It is a simplified dictionary collection carrying Chinese, English, and other foreign dictionaries.

Users of PowerWord 2009 have access to an updated English dictionary based on the most current line of globally accepted sources like Merriam-Webster. It also offers people access to a simplified version of the Chinese dictionary. It is also possible to view other foreign dictionaries including those in Spanish and French using this particular program. There are additional features that can be expected from the PowerWord 2009 including a translator and bilingual dictionary support. The latter means that a user can have definitions in different languages presented side by side.

It was created for Windows powered systems but is now updated to serve users that have Apple and Android mobile devices. Aside from the proprietary CD-ROM, users can also buy it straight from the Internet as a downloadable application. The interface has two settings, one for Chinese and the other for the English language. When a word is searched, the user can place the cursor on any part of the word and a clearer or extended definition will automatically be provided. If necessary, the user can even choose to have the word used in a sentence for additional context support.