PowerSuite 3.2

Uniblue (Proprietary)

PowerSuite is a system optimizer developed by Uniblue. Aside from ensuring overall optimization of system performance, it also frees up space on the user’s hard drives and updates all necessary hardware drivers more efficiently than if the user were to manually clean up said storage and download the newest driver versions. PowerSuite enhances system performance and clears up resources with the following steps:

System Scanning – the program starts an extensive system scan to find out what refinements are necessary. These include the removal of invalid entries in the registry, unused system processes, rubbish files, and old drivers.
Resource Optimization – the program sweeps away these unnecessary items that may take up significant amounts of space and slow down the system. Large files may also be compressed for additional space. After these tasks, the proprietary tools then boost software launches, reduce boot-up time, and manage CPU resources.
Improve System Stability – the program eliminates inactive processes and unneeded entries in the registry, which help improve performance and stability by reducing the likelihood of system slowdowns, freezes, and crashes.

In addition to these capabilities, the optimizer also ensures the full function of hardware by the regular checking of available driver updates against a huge database containing maintained and tested driver information.