TopByteLabs Ltd. (Shareware)

PowerShrink is an application that allows users to shrink sizes of Microsoft Office and PDF documents. This is useful in a business environment where users deal with documents that have large file sizes. Smaller sized documents are easier to share with other users through email or other electronic means. The program does not alter the contents of documents in any way. With this program, users can send out documents at a minimal size and users who receive the document can save it with its full size. The program is capable of shrinking a document up to 62% its original size.

The application has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it ideal for use by novice computer users. Users can import documents to the program by clicking on the “Add to List” button. Other buttons on the interface include “Optimize Files” and “Pack and Go”. At the bottom part of the main window, users can change the compression settings. There are five choices – Identical Pixels, Visually Lossless, Visually Lossless Display, Visually Lossy, and Custom Compression. Users can change the compression settings by moving the slider. After shrinking the files, the program displays the number of files that have been optimized, as well as the total space saved by shrinking the documents.