PowerPoint Slide Show Converter

DzSoft Ltd (Shareware)

The PowerPoint Slide Show Converter program is used for creating self-playing slideshows out of PowerPoint presentations. This allows users to send presentations to other users easily, as the file is turned into a screensaver or an executable file. There are two modes for converting files – Special and Simple. The application’s main window has all the settings and options users have to set before starting the conversion process. Users can select the PowerPoint presentation file, set the output filename, and choose the output type (.exe for executable and .scr for screensaver).

The PowerPoint Slide Show Converter application also allows the users to change the slideshow options, such as the number of seconds before the next slide is shown, or to wait for the user to click the mouse before moving on to the next slide. Transition effects can also be added to the output file. For a continuous presentation, there is an option called “Loop continuously”.

Other features of the PowerPoint Slide Show Converter application are the following:

• Program works even without Microsoft PowerPoint installed on the computer
• Support for creating an autorun file to use for a CD or DVD disc
• Comes with a comprehensive help file for beginners
• Easy to use