PowerPanel Personal Edition 1.3.2 1.3.4

Cyber Power Systems, Inc. (Freeware)

PowerPanel Personal Edition is a power management application that enables users to monitor and control the CyberPower UPS straight from the desktop. The program comes with some CyberPower UPS models. The application is especially useful during power outages and fluctuations in electricity. The software makes sure that all the documents and files are saved before shutting down the computer.

The application’s main interface is divided into three sections. On the upper portion of the window, users can see the battery’s state. The Power Source icon shows if the system is running the UPS AC power or the internal battery. The Battery Capacity shows the percentage of power remaining in the system’s internal battery. The Estimated Runtime displays how much time the system can run based on the internal battery. Under the Monitor tab, information such as voltage, power condition, UPS load, and battery status are displayed. Users can configure the program under the Configure tab. Some options include enabling of notification sounds and UPS alarms. Users can get support in application usage by clicking on the Help tab.

Main features of the application are:
• User-friendly interface
• Provides advanced functionality
• Support for self testing
• Users can set scheduled shutdowns of the system
• Support for logging of computer events