Jorgen Bosman (Freeware)

Poweroff is a power-saving desktop utility developed by Jorgen Bosman in August 2003. This program allows users to manage the system’s power state. Through Poweroff, users can perform power functions like going on Standby or Sleep mode, Hibernation mode, Lock, Log off, Power off, Shutdown, or Reboot. Poweroff also features a PC wake up functionality, which can be done locally and remotely through the Wake on LAN feature. Standby, Hibernate, and Power off are accessible only when supported by the PC. Poweroff also features Turn On or Turn Off Monitor, as well as No action, which provides users a warning message only without the program taking any other action.

Poweroff power saving actions may be performed locally, or even remotely using another PC running Poweroff connected through a network. This program also features a built-in scheduler that allows users to schedule Poweroff actions. Nonetheless, these actions may also be set to initiate immediately.

Poweroff features a straightforward functional user interface. First off, user should tick the box corresponding to the computer to be used. Users should then choose the Poweroff action to be performed. Only one action may be ticked at one time. The Options box provides extra options for managing the program through check boxes. User may set a Warning message to appear, or Force applications to close during the action. To initiate the action, click the Do It button located at the bottom right portion of the interface.