PowerLaserExpress 1.0

KiaPlayer (Freeware)

Power Laser Express is a CD/DVD – burning program developed by KiaPLayer in 2007. Power Laser Express allows users to create CD and DVD projects as well as support image files creation. Users can copy DVDs into ISO image files and burn them into discs. Power Laser Express also supports multi-recording DVDs and CDs. Users may erase files from CDRW and DVDRW, and continue burning from last multi-recording session.

Power Laser Express main user interface features six tasks—Record new CD/DVD, Continue, Erase RW disc, Make ISO image, Record ISO image into disc, and Get Information tab. Users may also choose which hardware to use to complete the tasks. When adding files, users may just drag and drop files or use the pop-up menu. Users may customize Project name on the right panel of the interface. Estimated project size is also shown below it, as well as remaining disc space.

Power Laser Express Recording Options tab allows users to choose Recording Speed and buffer size. Users may also choose whether to Erase RW disc before burning or Finalize disc after burning. Users may also choose whether to create a bootable disc. Power Laser Express also allows users to customize CD/DVD information as to Disc Label, Preparer, Publisher and Copyright. Power Laser Express, as a default, specifies the Recording Date and Program used.