Powerful Cookies

PCookiesSoft (Shareware)

Powerful Cookies is a program used for removing traces of the user’s computer activities. It can get rid of temporary files and junk files that are stored while using the computer. The main interface is simple and easy to navigate for both novice and advanced computer users. It also comes with a Quick Guide that can be used in order to read more about the tools and features of the program.

On the right side of the main window, there is a list of categories that can be cleaned from the system. The four categories are as follows:

• Windows Items – Items that are found on the Window’s system programs
• Internet Items – Items that can be cleaned out from the web browser window including cookies, history, web forms, passwords, and websites visited by the user
• Third Party Application – Temporary files that are saved by other programs that are installed in the computer
• Custom Items – Other items that the user wants to delete from the computer

The program works by scanning the system and looking for files that can be removed. After the scan, the application displays a list of all the items found. Users can then opt to delete everything from the list, or choose only some of the items.