PowerDVD Copy Application

CyberLink (Shareware)

PowerDVD Copy is a DVD to DVD copying program from CyberLink. Copying DVDs can be done in four steps:
Preview DVD – check the video to be copied
Select Content – choose a template for the menu
Select Destination – choose where to copy the DVD content (DVD or disc drive)
Copy – copy the content by clicking on the button

If the same type of DVD is used for the original DVD and the destination DVD, the quality of the copy will be the same as the original version. However, users also have the option to shrink the size of the copy in order to fit to the destination disc. Shrinking the file can be done manually or automatically. The program has a Preview Mode wherein users can watch the movie and choose the sections to copy. There are also customization tools that come with the program. This allows users to remove titles and subtitles, change the video compression rate, and remove the audio stream. PowerDVD Copy supports DVD media including DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and DVD+R9 double-layer discs.

All the tools needed for backup up DVDs and copying content can be found on the application’s interface. The PowerDVD Copy program can be used even by beginners.