Powerdrome PC

Applied Atomics Ltd. (Proprietary)

Powerdrome PC is a racing video game made for PC in 2004. The game was developed by Argonaut Software and released by Zoo Digital Publishing.  It is a futuristic motor bike racing game. However, the difference is that the motor bikes are called blades and that they are jet-powered. These anti-gravity bikes are raced around a closed track. The game features six tracks scattered among 5 planets.

Powerdrome PC gameplay is similar to the game Wipeout. The players race around the closed track, overtaking each other until the next cut-off. The last one will be out of the game. The race continues until the one last blade or racer remains. He is the winner. The game control is different from road races. The yaw or the turning method used in road races does not apply to a game where the racers use anti-gravity bikes. Instead, turning to the desired direction is performed by rolling towards that direction, and pitching up. Control of the blades is through keyboard or mouse. The game also features additional elements to make the game more complicated. The player has to equip specific gas filters depending on the type of planet the race will be on. Each planet will have a definite weather and atmosphere composition. This variable requires the change in gas filters. Players can also choose the type of fuel to be used per race.