Avanquest Software (Shareware)

Power Desk or PowerDesk Professional is a file management application for Windows computers. It is a simple application for organizing and managing audio files, digital photos, and documents. PowerDesk has an FTP tool that allows users to share files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) by simply dragging and dropping files. It also has a Sync Manager for synchronizing files inside 2 folders. It can also be used to back up files.

Another useful tool included in PowerDesk is the Size Manager. This tool shows users the amount of space used and the remaining space available on drive. This is an efficient way of managing the spaces on drives. Additionally, the Archive Manager can free up some space in the system by compressing files into a variety of compression formats. Users are able to customize the color of file folders, too. It is a good way of prioritizing tasks according to importance.

PowerDesk also offers some privacy protection tools. Files can be encrypted with DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption to prevent unauthorized users from accessing important data. The software also comes with a file shredder that completely removes files from the computer and leaves no traces.

Other features of the application are:
• Password-protection for zip files
• File info columns
• MP3 collection management
• Dual pane operation
• File notes