PowerCmd 2.2

PowerCmd (Shareware)

PowerCmd is a command prompt replacement tool developed by PowerCmd and released on August 2011. It enables users to run several consoles at the same time. This program also enables users to organize their command line windows in the PowerCmd user interface using tabbed control functionality. This program also allows users to save command line sessions and restore the same at another time.

PowerCmd features shell integration that enables users to access the program through a right click or via the context menu option. This will launch a new PowerCmd instance that points to the selected Explorer folder. When several instances are opened, the new instance can either appear as a tabbed window to the existing instance or as another window. This program also features generic text editing functionality enabling users to perform copy, cut, and paste functions using ordinary keyboard shortcuts. This program also supports Drag and Drop functionality.  PowerCmd users may also add and manage bookmarks using keyboard shortcuts.

The program enables users to access the command prompt history using function keys. F7 launches the history window, while F8 shows the filtered command prompt history. It also enables users to create save logs of console outputs automatically. This protects the users from accidental shutdowns and cancellations. This program also enables users to create a quick launch PowerCmd toolbar for quicker access.