PowerChute Personal Edition 3.0.2

Schneider Electric (Shareware)

PowerChute Personal Edition is an efficient and secure shutdown software that is equipped with energy and power management features.  It controls the UPS that its developer company provides. UPS stand for uninterruptible power supplies.  It is beneficial in times of extended power outages where it prevents possible data corruption.  In instances of power outage, the application renders unattended shutdown of workstations and servers, preserves total system state, as well as quickens system recovery time.

The UPS status is also tracked and displayed. The programs’ settings can also be customized to fit customer needs and specifications such as chosen energy plans.  The program speedily reviews power status. It also has energy saving features and CO2 emission information.  Problems in terms of power, such as electric noise and blackouts are laid out. Batteries that need replacement are also detected by the program’s regular battery assessment. PowerChute Personal Edition can be utilized with a number of processors, Back-UPS models, and operating systems, all of which are available in the software’s website.  New users can make use of this program easily with its quick and simple installation. Program features depend on operating system used and Back-UPS model.  The program ensures that users are constantly secure in terms of system power protection.