CyberLink (Shareware)

The PowerBackup program is a data archiving tool that offers three backup modes – incremental, differential, and full back up. Full back up saves all the files, differential back up archives new files and changes made to old file, while incremental back up saves new files created after the last back up. Some of information that the program is capable of backing up includes mail folders, settings on web browsers, the address book favorites, cookies, and mail folders and settings.  

PowerBackup also features ‘stream to disc’ archiving. With this feature, archives can be compressed and saved directly to a disc. Since the archive is compressed, more files can be saved on a single disc. The scheduler makes sure that backups are done regularly. The schedule can be set daily, weekly, or monthly. Even if there is an existing schedule for backups, users can still do manual backups.

Here are more features of the PowerBackup application:
Split archives across two or more destinations
Support for media storage
Blu-ray software ready
Data restoration with the restorer utility
Advanced filtering settings with several file filtering methods

The software comes with password protection to ensure that the backed up files are protected from unauthorized users.