Sybase, Inc. (Shareware)

PowerAMC is the French release of the SAP Sybase PowerDesigner, an application used in data modeling and metadata management. It is particularly used in enterprise architecture, information architecture, and data architecture and enables users to visualize and understand changes to a business process before these are applied to the system. It is a tool used in doing impact analysis and managing changes on a business plan. This program enables companies to improve their productivity by making sure their business process is properly aligned with their IT process, and by providing analytical tools that assist companies in adapting to changes in their business strategies concerning IT processes.

This application has support for three architectural environments:

• Enterprise Architecture – this tool allows users to visualize the impact of change and understand the links between information, technology, processes, and applications within the whole enterprise. The clarity of the links between these aspects allows companies to better respond to changing business models.
• Information Architecture – users will be able to facilitate collaborative tasks between business and IT processes using a model-driven information structure. Companies will also be able to perform impact analysis before the application of a planned business model.
• Data Architecture – this program has a comprehensive set of modeling tools and techniques for database design that allows users to create high-quality visual representations of their data easily.