Power4Gear Hybrid

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (Freeware)

The Power4Gear Hybrid is a program used for controlling the general power settings and power consumption of a computer. It is developed by ASUS for its PC and notebook models. It allows you to change the power settings of the computer to match the tasks being done (e.g. gaming, office work, etc).

The Power4Gear Hybrid application offers four presets. These are High Performance, Quiet Office, Battery Saving and Entertainment. Each preset has default power settings matching the tasks done on the computer. All the presets can be configured according to the user’s preference. The software has three main subcategories – Device Power Management, Processor Power Management, and Miscellaneous Power Settings. Users can also choose between On Battery and Plugged In options.

An option to enable or disable Camera and Optical Disk Drive (ODD) are available in the Device Power Management subcategory. Managing the processor usage can also be done under the Processor Power Management. Users can change the processor control (Maximum Performance, Moderate Battery Saving, and Maximum Battery Saving). The Maximum and Minimum Processor State can also be configured under this subcategory.

Controlling the Sleep and Hibernate functions of the computer can also be done using the Power4Gear Hybrid application. This is found under the Miscellaneous Power Settings subcategory. Users can also choose to disable Hibernate and Sleep functions by selecting the Never option. This subcategory also offers options for turning off the display and HDD after the selected number of minutes. An option to never turn off the HDD and display is also provided. This program also allows users to adjust the brightness panel of the computer.