Power Translator Pro

Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products (Shareware)

Power Translator Pro is a translation program that is capable of translating chat logs, emails, letters, and other types of texts. It supports translation from the English language to five other languages (Italian, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese). Users who purchase the software also have two months free subscription to Translate DotNet. This website allows users to have access to over 20 languages and hundreds of language pairs.

Power Translator Pro consists of two user interfaces – LogoTrans and ClipTrans. In LogoTrans, users can type, drop, and paste text to be translated, while in ClipTrans, the program translates selected text or text that is copied. The software also has a built-in dictionary for looking up words. It also has an untranslated word list that consists of all the words that have no definitions on dictionaries.

Power Translator Pro features speech-to-text and text-to-speech functions. The hover translation feature is helpful for getting quick translations for words. Users can hover the mouse pointer on a word and the translation appears on the screen. Another feature of the program is text capture. With this feature, users can draw a rectangle around the text and import it to the program. This eliminates the need to use the copy and paste commands.