Power Rangers: Super Legends

Disney Interactive Studios (Proprietary)

Power Rangers: Super Legends is an action-based adventure game developed by the company, Disney Interactive Studios. The concept is derived from the popular television show, Power Rangers, it was released in October of 2007. The plot is set in the distant future, specifically in the year 3000. A villainous alien, named Gluto has summoned a group that consists of the Power Rangers’ most dangerous enemies. His plan is to raid the Hall of Legends and steal the energies of the Power Rangers. To stop them from fulfilling this mission, the player must control various characters in the game to beat up the enemies.

Power Rangers: Super Legends offers 25 different stages of platform-based action, wherein the player gets to beat up Gluto, his minions, and allies. The game features as many as 16 characters that the player can control to fight Gluto’s forces. Each Power Ranger can attack the opponent by punching, using a sword, or firing a gun. Most of the villains are simply dazed by gunfire and unfazed by punches, but repetitive swords attacks will do the trick. The player must also collect crystals along the way in order to upgrade his/her moves. Apart from the main game, players can also select the co-op challenge mode, wherein they can pair up and fight.