Power Notes

Power Soft (Shareware)

Power Notes is a desktop notes reminder, organizer, and scheduler. It comes with a wide range of features that allow users to make virtual notes and place them at on the desktop at a certain time. Power Notes let users create these notes, and edit notes or stickers with two mode options available – the advanced and quick modes. When creating electronic notes or stickers, text must not exceed 4000 letters, however, the number of stickers that can be made is unlimited.

Also, the program allows customizations of notes, with various options available such as text, size, color, title, background, shortcuts, desktop position, transparency, and more. Besides that, it covers other features such as printing of stickers or notes, alarm wizard display, scheduling of shutdown, skin changes and so on. It can be run on the Windows task bar and can be used anytime.

Here are some of the main features of Power Notes:

• Print text of electronic notes
• Run programs and open websites or web pages once the note is displayed
• Set the date/time of the reminder in each detail through the use of Alarm Wizard (Note: use the Alarm Wizard from ‘Edit Note’ or ‘Add New Note’ menu)
• Save text of a file
• Use different skins

Power notes can also post significant reminders like anniversaries or birthdays. It also has a self-shutdown schedule, and has a special feature called “VIP notes.”