Power Mp3 Recorder 6.2

CooolSoft (Shareware)

Power Mp3 Recorder is an audio program developed by CooolSoft and released on March 2012. This software enables users to record and cut audio files from varying audio sources. Recorded audio files are saved in MP3 or WAV audio file formats. Sound may come from numerous sources including microphone, CD player, TV, radio, and the PC sound card. Power Mp3 Recorder also supports cassette tapes and LPs as audio sources.

Power Mp3 Recorder may customize the output audio bitrate from 8 kbps to 320 kbps. This program also enables users to record successive audio files through the queue recording facility, and schedule recording at specific dates and times of day. Users may also customize the target file name, audio length, and audio format when setting queue recording. The program also automatically detects sound levels and pauses and resumes recordings accordingly. Thus, there will be no perceptible silence during playback.  

The program provides not just wide-range bitrate support, but also multiple samplings per second support. File recording target sampling which is also per second can be set between 8000 and 44100 hertz. Continue record support automatically detects the same voice from a previous recording and resumes record from there. Power Mp3 Recorder features a dark gray user interface with neon green buttons for playback controls.